Lions Campground 2024 RATES


Please Note:  A valid cedit card, MasterCard or Visa, is required to book or to reserve a stall.

Prepaid VISA or VISA Debit cards are not accepted.


FULL HOOK UP - 30 AMP Regular (no firepit)

    - Daily Rate       - $50.00 plus GST

    - 28 Day Rate    - $960.00 plus GST


FULL HOOK UP - 30 AMP (firepit)

    - Daily Rate      - $52.00 plus GST

    - 28 Day Rate   - $960.00 plus GST



    - Daily Rate       - $62.00 plus GST

    - 28 Day Rate    - $1125.00 plus GST



    - Daily Rate       - $38.00 plus GST (Small RVs and Tents)


OVERFLOW (no services)

    - Daily Rate        - $38.00 plus GST

Reservation Fee - $10 plus GST  (Non refundable)

Full payment is due upon reservation for weekend visits.   Sorry, we do not accept cheques.  No refunds are allowed for early departures. 

Only one sleeping unit per campsite is allowed.  Please contact us for additional information.

One family per RV is 2 adults and their dependant children.  If there are any extra adults camping overnight with you, an extra charge of $10/person/night will be added to your account.

Any excess vehicles, cargo, boat and other non camping trailers will incur a $3 plus GST a day charge, to be parked in the Overflow Parking area.



Reservation Fee -  $10.00 + GST (Non refundable)

The $100.00 Deposit for 28 Day bookings is non-refundable (if cancelled) will be applied towards first rent cycle.

Full payment is required upon check in.  Late rent payments will result in a $5.00 + GST/day penalty.


If camping in a power only site we recommend you bring a longer extenstion cord as the power is located at the front of most power only sites and this will allow you the opportunity to have more choice in where your sleeping unit/tent is placed on the site.


Please note:  All rates are subject to change without notice.