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Happy Summer Solstice!!!

20/06/2016 15:26
Where has our spring gone?  We’ve been very busy at the campground with Memorial Cup, all the baseball and lacrosse finals, not to mention the conventions.  Next week it’s the 5K Foam Fest and then it’s Canada Day wow!!  Iced Thrills ice cream will be stopping a couple of times on...

Fort McMurray Evacuee Update

30/05/2016 21:32
The Lions Campground's offer of assistance to evacuated Ft. McMurray families expires as of the 10th of June.  We wish to thank all of the Ft Mac families who took us up on our offer and when you leave us, please know that the Lions Campground Operators, Managers and Staff wish you and your...

*UPDATE* City of Red Deer Fire Ban

20/05/2016 11:51
has been lifted as of 11 a.m. 20 May 2016.  For more information follow this link.  You can purchase wood from the office for $8.00 a bundle, office hours are 8am to 9pm daily.  We hope this will make your camping trip that much more enjoyable!

The City of Red Deer Fire Ban

14/05/2016 14:26
The Lions Campground falls under The City of Red Deer's fire ban please read and only use approved fuel/fire bowls. If you have any concerns please contact the office or security after hours. Thank you for your help in keeping our campground safe.  

Our Ft Mac Families

13/05/2016 16:16
seem to be settling in nicely.  There are still a few smaller sites available, if needed just give a call.  We want to thank everyone who added their name to the list of contacts for donations, information and food.  A big shout out to Randy Lindholm from Lindholm Vac Truck Services...

Supporters of Fort McMurray Evacuees

09/05/2016 14:24
Kindly respect the privacy of the Fort McMurray families in our campground. Please do not drop off supplies at the Lions Campground..  Instead, please leave your name, contact number or address with the office staff.  Your generous offers of support will be relayed to our quests and...

Fort McMurray Evacuees

07/05/2016 20:31
The Operators of the Lions Campground in Red Deer are here to help any evacuee from the fires in Ft. McMurray!! We will be opening up our tenting/rv area and facilities for up to 4 weeks for free, on a first come first serve bases.  These are 15amp power sites with fire pit and picnic...

Email Reservations

23/04/2016 08:43
2016 Reservation requests are processed by date of reservation and by the date requested.  Please check junk folders for return email info.  Currently we are working on June's reservations.  Your patience is appreciated-   Managers, RDLC

Getting Ready

06/03/2016 16:46
Campground reservations are moving along briskly.  This year we started accepting reservations requests throughout the winter which seems to have made the process a whole lot easer for most.  If you're looking to park your RV near Red Deer this summer, check us out.  Some seasonal...


06/02/2016 14:50
Thank you everyone for sending in this season's event dates and long weekends; Memorial Cup                 May 18 - 30 Victoria Day                   May 21 - 23 JW...
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